Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Support Services

We provide patients with access to worldwide clinical trials by offering personalised logistics support to patients and their families throughout their clinical trial journey

We provide bespoke local and international logistics support services for patients with complex needs to facilitate participation in clinical trials and improve patient retention.

Bespoke logistics support

Logistics and Relocation

Patient recruitment is vital but can be difficult with a rare disease population. We provide local and international help for patients with complex needs to join and continue with clinical trials, including support for relocation anywhere in the world.

Sponsor Support

We provide advice and support to trial sponsors, including travel and reimbursement guidance, key issues reporting and independent medical opinion.

Dedicated Coordinators

We provide patients and their families with continuity of contact and support from a dedicated Rare Disease Research Partners coordinator.

Financial security

We understand the importance of reducing the financial burden on patients and their families. We provide prompt settlement of study related expenses. 

24/7 assistance

Our experienced team ensures patients, or their families, receive around-the- clock individualised support to attend study visits. We provide 24/7 assistance, via our out-of-office telephone service, for urgent queries outside of our office hours. This can also be accessed by non-English speaking families.

Personalised travel and accommodation

Our team has more than a decade of experience providing personalised travel and accommodation options for patients with unique and complex needs. We liaise with study sites in more than 20 countries worldwide, to ensure that patients requirements are met.  

Multilingual support

We have access to translators and interpreters in more than 240 languages.

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