Medical Communications

We develop communications that raise awareness and understanding of rare diseases, from patient-friendly materials to scientific publications

We have a highly experienced scientific and industry-expert team delivering
audience-customised content across a range of channels, from patient-friendly materials to scientific publications.

Tailored communication plans

Disease awareness

We develop disease-awareness programmes for rare disorders. We have in-depth knowledge of rare diseases and provide strategic advice to maximise dissemination of rare-disease information and data targeted to different audiences, conveying education across stakeholders.

Multichannel patient materials

We develop patient materials, ensuring the content, language and channel are suitable for the target group. These can include learning resources, newsletters, patient guides, patient photography and videography or sharing clinical trial results for lay audiences.


We have an established relationship with opinion leaders and patient groups of rare diseases around the world, including our founding charity, the MPS Society UK. We facilitate healthcare professionals and patients focus groups, advisory boards and meetings focused on rare disorders.

Scientific publications

Our experienced team can help you with publication planning, content development and submission of peer-reviewed journals, conference abstracts, posters and oral presentations.

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